Stearman 3g classic aviation Stearman


Fuel Injection

for JACOBS R755-B2 and -A2 engines



This modern fuel injection system offers a number of advantages in regard to engine operation and performance, maintenance and life-time:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Power increase
  • Less engine vibrations
  • Better engine acceleration
  • No carburetor icing
  • Smoother operation and less wear


The fuel injection hardware package comes complete with Bendix fuel injection servo with upper and lower adapter plates, flow divider, fuel injection lines, GAMI nozzles, Pesco engine driven fuel pump, electric boost pump, modified intake pipes, Aeroquip firesleeved hoses, and all associated nuts, bolts, and clamps.

Not included is the installation of this system, the parts and modifications firewall back.

The package includes a STC for the installation in following airplanes:

  • Stearman
  • C195
  • Classic WACO


Additional technical modifications of this newly overhauled engines. Parts & Accessories included in FWF Setup:

Jacobs R755-B2 /-A2

with a 2B20 constant speed propeller

Hardened Valve Seats
Engine baffle modification
Automatic intake pipe drains
Jasco alternator modification
Shielded ignition harness
Improved oil seals
Alternate oil ring
Extra balancing of internal parts
Air-wolf oil filter
Brackett air filter
E-80 starter 
New engine mount that incorporates Lord type shock mounts
Polished push rod tubes and a chrome ignition loom
Engine Cowling for this engine and FWF setup
Stearman, C195, Waco STC
Engine is covered by warranty for a period of one year or one hundred hours

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